VecNet has been created as a global information sharing platform for malaria reduction and eradication. The website freely offers information and resources provided by collaborators to support malaria control programs.


Open Access to Data


To improve the availability of publications and datasets VecNet users are encouraged to upload documents to the Digital Library. The access level is nominated during the upload process from the following options:

  • Global Access — Open Access
  • VecNet Users Only — Available to those with a VecNet login, or
  • Private Access — The depositor assigns access to named users

Read the guide to upload documents to the Digital Library or logon to upload a document.


Open Source Computer Code


The computer code used to create VecNet tools (including the Digital Library) can be accessed through the VecNet page on GitHub.

VecNet’s open source code is provided under Mozilla Public License 2.0. This is a Limited Reciprocal License, and requires external developers that modify VecNet software and distribute it, to contribute their VecNet modifications back to the project, thus ensuring these modifications continue to benefit the public.

The VecNet Digital Library page on GitHub provides access to the computer code under an Apache 2.0 license. This is a Permissive License, and requires that the original creators be attributed in any distribution or derivative of the software or source code.


Global Access Agreements


A VecNet logon provides users with access to online tools for modeling malaria to guide malaria control programs, and open-access to data sets, reports and articles in the Digital Library and Data Warehouse. While some VecNet data and software is sourced from organizations that do not always offer Open Access to their resources, VecNet has global access agreements that provide these to individuals with a VecNet logon account.

The majority of VecNet Digital Library and Data Warehouse resources can also be accessed without a VecNet account.